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Welcome to Structural Repair Based in Melbourne, Victoria. For over 25 years the use of helically shaped stainless steel wire has been well accepted as an effective method of stabilising masonry structures and structural repair. The highly deformed wire has an excellent capacity to bond with proprietary grouts and standard masonry mortars and structural components. In various diameters the uses range from simple “crack-stitching” to the creation of load bearing masonry lintels. The larger diameter helical wire has also an enviable reputation as a cost effective remedial wall tie when “driven” into pre-drilled holes in masonry resulting in structural reinforcement.

Structural reinforcement wires and wall ties have been designed to enhance the performance and installation procedures of an accepted variety of construction and structural repair applications proven over quarter of a century of usage.

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Structural Repair Services:

  • Structural Repair
  • Structural Reinforcement
  • Wall Ties
  • Wall Tie Replacement
  • Grout Ties
  • Crack Stitching
  • Tied Arch Lintels
  • Drive Ties
  • Structural Binding

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